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March 2019 Pet of the Month – Buzz Link

Buzz, our beautiful golden retriever, was born in Wisconsin 11 years ago. He has an awesome disposition and is an excellent traveler having been to 12 countries and 30 states.  He is also an amazing hunter with over 1000 retrieves of pheasants, ducks and geese winning many trophies.  He is the father of 10 with his son Ace following in his footsteps.

February 2019 – Pet of the Month – Khloe Bysiewicz

Khloe came to us as a rescue after we lost our girl Teka of almost 17 years. We found Khloe on an internet rescue site. Her heart- shaped nose captured our hearts and we rushed to adopt her early the next day. Although she was a typical mischievous kitten, Khloe grew into a wonderful loving part of our family. Khloe meets us at the door when we come home and she brings “gifts” to us from her hunts while we are away (Cat toys). Khloe came to Calusa Veterinary Center because of a bad leg break. Dr. Ranade attended to her over a very stressful 10 weeks. He was an angel. Khloe has healed 100% and we give Dr. Ranade and the entire staff at Calusa all of the credit.

Congratulations to Khloe and the Bysiewicz family for being chosen as Calusa’s February pet of the month.          

December 2018 Pet of the Month – Max Littenberg

My husband did not like dogs until he found our 8lb toy poodle, Max. My family in England only had large dogs so I could not imagine having such a small dog. One Sunday, my husband and I decided to visit a puppy store and this is where we fell in love… Max picked my husband! This playful, feisty, loving little guy who makes up his own games, loves to hunt lizards, smell everybody’s feet, stole our hearts. He is just a teddy bear, snuggle bug that has his parents wrapped around his little paw. We have become the chocolate toy poodle family.. our son in NJ and my parents in England now also own the exact same breed and color all because of little Max!

Congratulations to Max and the Littenberg family for being chosen as Calusa’s December pet of the month.

January 2019 Pet of the Month – Liz Kline

I have known Dr. Andy Turkell since I was a little puppy. I would visit with my big sister Mel. I was always excited to visit Calusa and all our friends behind the desks as well as the very caring Vet Techs.

My earliest memories were following Mel into an exam room where this tall man would sit on the floor and talk to me like I was his old friend.  

Dr. Andy always took great care of me and still does fourteen years later.  I no longer have my big sister, but I have a little

brother Charlie now, and he follows me excitedly to see the tall man who sits on the floor with us.

I’m a senior now and I have aches and pains and I don’t hear or see as well as I did.  I always know when I walk in to Calusa, my friends will be waiting to greet me and the tall man will sit on the floor and tell me how pretty I am and I know “I’m in great hands.”

Congratulations to Liz and the Kline family for being chosen as Calusa’s January pet of the month.    

June 2018 Pet of the Month – “STITCH” Carmichael

He is “STITCH” Carmichael.

Stitch isn’t just any dog, he’s a resilient underdog. He’s a 14-year-old French bulldog who has bounced back from multiple health adversities with the help of the amazing Dr. Anthony Krawitz. Stitch is a super-smart boy who loves to go on road trips, tear up wrapping paper and cardboard boxes, and remove caps from empty water bottles. He likes trips to the park, massages, belly rubs and sweet potato treats. He spends time hanging out on his chaise lounge with his brother, Gonzo, and most of all, he loves grooming his sister, Lilo. He’s a talker who will let you know you all about his day in his special “Abba, Abba, Abba” way. Stitch is especially unique, full of personality and truly one of a kind!

Congratulations to “STITCH” and The Carmichael Family for being voted Calusa’s June 2018 Pet of the Month!

May 2018 Pet of the Month – “BUDDY” Daniels

He is “BUDDY” Daniels.

My name is Buddy.  I am a very social 10-year old Yorkie.  My best friend is Ian, my parents’ 5-year old grandson.  We play “fetch” & have races.  I always give away Mommy’s hiding place when she plays hide-and-seek with Ian.

Congratulations to “BUDDY” and The Daniels Family for being voted Calusa’s May 2018 Pet of the Month!

April 2018 Pet of the Month – “DOZER” Bacon

He is “DOZER” Bacon.

My name is Dozer Bacon and my parents adopted me when I was 4 years old from Safe Harbor Animal Shelter in Jupiter. The shelter named me Dozer because I was found at a construction site. I am 21 years old now and these days I enjoy sleeping, eating and receiving lots of love. When I was younger I was a bit more mischievous. I liked to chew on things, especially the fringe on the area rugs. My mom would say that I was full of fringe! I look forward to visiting my Calusa family for fluid treatments for my kidneys because the Staff loves on me so much and spoils me with my favorite lamb’s lung treats!

Congratulations to “DOZER” and The Bacon Family for being voted Calusa’s April 2018 Pet of the Month!

March 2018 Pet of the Month – “LOKI” Kietzmann

He is “LOKI” Kietzmann.

 Hi – my name is Loki; I’m a flat coat retriever mix rescue and believe it or not I’m going to be 17 in May! In my youth I always enjoyed my long walks where I was a pro at chasing squirrels into trees and my tail would always wag incessantly. I’m a generally happy go lucky dog but I couldn’t be trusted in convertibles and I despised the UPS guy. As I’ve matured my walks are naturally shorter and I have to use my tail for balance but people always smile as they drive by and the neighbors always give me a fuss. I have also mastered the fine art of selective hearing (my people still think “Loki no!” and “Loki wait!” are effective…) and I excel in the “you can’t walk by without petting” face. Life is good, I enjoy watching the world go by from my window and having my muzzle in the wind. Thanks to the entire Calusa team for the care and love – keep calm and WAG ON!


Congratulations to “LOKI” and The Kietzmann Family for being voted Calusa’s March 2018 Pet of the Month!