Cat Friendly Practice

We’re a Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice!

Calusa Veterinary Center cares about its feline patients. So much so that our practice has taken the extra steps to earn Gold Certification as a Cat Friendly Practice!

We officially obtained certification in 2017, but this is not a one-time accomplishment. Rather, we’re continuously re-evaluated to ensure your cat always receives the best care and treatment with us.

The Cat Friendly Practice initiative was launched by The American Association of Feline Practitioners to elevate the overall quality of veterinary service for feline patients. The program focuses on making veterinary visits less stressful for cats and more positive for cat owners through continuing in-practice education, facility considerations, and special training in feline behavior and handling techniques. We take our role as your cat’s veterinarian seriously, and never want him or her to miss an important visit that contributes to their health and wellbeing.

If you’re interested in learning even more about what it means to be a Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice, click here.


How Choosing a Cat Friendly Practice Benefits You and Your Cat:


Positive Veterinary Visits

Cats tend to visit the veterinarian less frequently than dogs and, oftentimes, this is due to stress. The hospital team at Calusa is changing this trend by making your cat more comfortable with separate waiting areas and exam rooms, and the use of pheromones, cat toys, cat trees, and cat treats in these areas.


Stress-free Hospital Environment

Unfamiliar sounds, scents, people, and other pets can easily stress some cats. In an effort to create a non-threatening hospital setting, we have implemented creative solutions to have cat-only waiting areas, exam rooms, and hospitalization areas.


Cat-Friendly Handling

Our entire hospital team is trained to recognize and appropriately respond to feline behavior and body language. We’re prepared to recognize subtle behavioral and facial cues that may signify fear, anxiety, illness, or pain, so cats can be handled gently and empathetically.

We also receive continuous education based on current research and guidelines to comprehensively address your cat’s species-specific healthcare needs. This increased awareness and understanding also gives our team the ability to provide valuable resources and advice so you can be the best pet parent to your cat.