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From TV Mishap to Triumph: The Heartwarming Recovery of Wocky, the Spider Monkey

Read Wocky's incredible recovery story below!

It all began with the innocuous exploration of a living room. Wocky, a lively 8-month old spider monkey, was reveling in his usual antics when fate dealt an unexpected blow. A television, previously secure, tumbled down, striking Wocky on the head, causing acute brain trauma.

Upon presentation at his primary care veterinarian (RDVM) he was obtunded (a moderate reduction in alertness), had no interest in his environment, extremely slowed responses to stimulation, with a tendency to sleep more than normal and drowsiness in between sleep states. He was treated by his RDVM to relieve intracranial pressure and then referred to our Hyperbaric Center.

From TV Mishap to Triumph: The Heartwarming Recovery of Wocky, the Spider Monkey

Calusa Veterinary Center's Lifesaving Intervention:

Our assessment of Wocky included interruption to blood circulation to the brain from acute head trauma, with impaired cranial blood supply and oxygenation…he was almost unarousable! Radiographs revealed linear parietal skull fractures with slight comminuted and basilar affects. Concerns for subdural hematoma, contusions and bleeding inside the brain were high on our list. There was no laceration to the skin with swelling, skull deformity and bruising around the right eye. This fracture seemed to act like a craniotomy (likely saving his life) allowing intracranial pressure to reduce through the skull fractur. A large hematoma developed over the right side of his head.

Wocky underwent a total of 17 sessions in our state-of-the-art facility, where the power of pressurized oxygen became a vital tool in aiding his recovery. Our dedicated veterinary team worked tirelessly to provide Wocky with the care he needed.

The Road to Recovery:

The hyperbaric chamber treatments played a pivotal role in alleviating the effects of acute brain trauma, allowing Wocky to regain his strength and cognitive abilities. Each treatment became a step forward, a beacon of hope for Wocky's future.

A New Normal:

As the treatments progressed, Wocky began to reclaim the vibrancy that defined him. His playful spirit returned, and he once again embraced the joys of a normal house monkey life. Wocky's parents, who stood by him throughout the ordeal, welcomed him back with open arms, creating a harmonious family dynamic filled with love and understanding.

From TV Mishap to Triumph: The Heartwarming Recovery of Wocky, the Spider Monkey

Wocky Today:

Today, Wocky thrives in an environment filled with laughter, playfulness, and the comfort of his loving family. The once-fragile monkey has blossomed into a symbol of resilience, reminding us all that with the right care and support, even the most challenging situations can lead to triumph. Wocky's story is a testament to the incredible impact that veterinary care and the power of love can have on the lives of our animal companions.


Wocky's tale is not just one of recovery; it's a celebration of the strength that emerges from the darkest moments. The bond between Wocky, his family, and the compassionate professionals at Calusa Veterinary Center paints a heartwarming picture of collaboration, determination, and the capacity for a second chance at a life filled with joy. As Wocky swings through the rooms of his home, his story stands as a testament to the remarkable possibilities that unfold when love and care converge to turn adversity into a journey of triumph.

Wocky's Story

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