Pet Insurance

The decision to invest in pet insurance for your dog or cat can be a challenging one. With a wide array of policies out there, simply understanding the basics behind coverage can be a daunting task for pet owners. While we whole-heartedly encourage you to consult your veterinarian regarding the pros and cons of obtaining insurance for your pet, there are a handful of valuable resources online that we feel appropriately outline the basics and provide pet owners with enough knowledge to ask good questions during their pet’s next veterinary visit.

The following is borrowed with permission from a blog post by Trupanion, one pet insurance provider with whom we have worked with frequently in the past. Trupanion created the ABCs of Pet Insurance as a tool to help pet owners understand the key factors and questions to keep in mind when looking for the best coverage policy for their cat or dog. While this is not an endorsement for Trupanion over any of the other providers, we found this particular article by them to be very helpful for pet owners who have no prior knowledge of the pet insurance marketplace.