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November 2017 Pet of the Month – “BEAR” Pessin

Calusa Veterinary Center would like to introduce our November 2017 “Pet of the Month”.

He is “BEAR” Pessin. 

Bear came to our family in 2009 just a few months after we had adopted three other rescue kitties. It was love at first sight for this tiny little fur ball, although he was a quite sick at the time. Excellent care from Dr. Krawitz made him healthy again, but he later suffered from serious urinary blockages, requiring special surgery. We jokingly refer to it as his sex-change surgery, and now Bear is our transgender cat. In spite of all the poking and prodding he undergoes to keep his urinary issues under control, Bear remains a sweet little guy, with not a mean bone in his body. He loves to play and cuddle with his buddies, both feline and human. He’s also smart. We have a guest room that we try to keep cat-free for friends and family who have allergies. Of course, this makes the room of great interest to all the cats, but only Bear has figured out how to open the door. We now have to keep that room locked all the time so he can’t break in.  

Congratulations to “BEAR” and The Pessin Family for being voted Calusa’s November 2017 Pet of the Month!